Applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award (QSA)

The application process for the QSA is simple, non-bureaucratic and effective. The applied procedures create as little extra work as possible for the applicants. If you have suggestions on how to further improve this process, please do not hesitate to put them forward.

1.   Eligible projects and required project status

 First and foremost keep in mind that this is a project award and that we honour a project team for the results they have achieved in sustainability using quality thinking. An overall company approach with focus on sustainability is obviously extremely valuable, but we are not evaluating companies nor their sustainability strategy.

 Secondly, as IAQ, we promote the use of quality management. That makes this award unique: it does not only evaluate results, but also looks at the use of quality management in achieving them and the link between the two.

 The project must be finalized and the obtained results proven over time. The IAQ QSA will only be awarded to projects that have delivered measurable effects and results within one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDG’s). IAQ will not award good ideas, new theories or activities that have not yet delivered results. Because results from new and more sustainable offerings can take some time to materialize, we accept projects that were finished no later than 3 years ago, so after 01/01/2018.

 A project applying for the QSA can be carried out using any quality management or improvement methodology. Examples of such methodologies are TQM, Six Sigma (both DMAIC or DFSS), Lean, Kaizen, root cause analysis, … but are not limited to these. Innovative approaches are welcomed but must be founded within quality management thinking. We promote a holistic view on quality.


2.   Partners

 For this Award, IAQ works with local partners. For a list of partners and the areas they cover: see list of partners.

 A local partner will follow the application rules and evaluation criteria as defined by IAQ and as described on this website. They can organize a local award and will select the best projects to apply for the global award.


3.    Administrative requirements

 All communication will be done in English. It will be handled through an appropriate administrative system. A technical instruction is available with the technical details on how to upload your application info and documents.

 Where there is a local partner (see above) the application has to be made through the partner. That partner will use its own specific administrative system. Refer to them for detailed instructions.  


4.   Preparation and uploading the application

 The complete application package consists of an administrative part, containing all contact details for flawless communication, the application form, a one-page summary and an optional technical report.

 The primary document of the application is the application form (see further down on this page). Follow the instructions on the form carefully and keep in mind that the examiners are not necessarily technical specialists in your field of application. Write clearly and focus on the essence of the award: proven sustainability results in UN SDG’s areas through application of quality management approaches. Remember that the applicant should prove to the examining committee that the project is worthy of the award. It is not the committee’s responsibility to try to understand a document that is difficult to read. The completed application form should be about 2-4 pages, but not more than 4 pages. It has to be send in pdf format (see technical instruction ).

 An application must also include a one-page summary of the work done and the results achieved in the project. With this document you can show your achievements to the outside world. The purpose is to promote sustainability work through quality in companies and organizations all over the world. Examples of one-page summaries can be found on the Award website. IAQ must be given the right to use this summary for publication and research.

 Thirdly you can add a technical report. This allows you to go deeper into the technical aspects of the project. It is optional but evaluators may use it to get a better insight into the project. As the available space to describe the project within the application is limited, you may consider to add a technical report. You are free to use whatever format fits best, but remember that easily readable reports are a plus for evaluating.


5.   Fees, registration and feedback

 Where IAQ works with partners, the partner will define the fee for applying for the local level award. Applications directly to IAQ will be charged an administrative fee of 50 US $ for 2021.  Once payment has been made, your application will be registered and you will receive a notification of acceptance of the application.  


6.   What happens next?

 After acceptance of your application the evaluation and examination process starts. This is explained in the award roadmap (see futher down on this page), where you can also find the timing for the current year. You can read more about the evaluation process here.

 If your project is considered eligible for the Global QSA award, an additional fee will be invoiced by IAQ but only after your agreement to participate in the global competition. That fee has been set at 400 US $ for 2021.

2021 Quality Sustainability Award - Application form.pdf
2021 Quality Sustainability Award - One-page summary template.pdf
2021 Roadmap.pdf