Examination Process for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award

Applications for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award will be examined by the IAQ QiPECTT Examining Committee in a two-step process. The examination process is confidential and no information about the results will be externally communicated apart from the name(s) of the winner(s). All information sent in the application will be handled in a confidential way except the one-page summary that will be published for all projects applying for this award.

The two-step examination process consists of:

Examination 1: Nomination of projects participating in the award ceremony

The purpose of this first examination is to nominate the projects that will continue to examination 2 and take part in the award ceremony (conference). Examination 1 is based on the one-page summary and is carried out by the IAQ QiPECTT Examining Committee.

After Examination 1 the project contact person will be informed about the results.


Examination 2: Deciding the winner(s) of IAQ Quality Sustainability Award

The purpose of the second examination is to decide the winner(s) of the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award. Examination 2 is based on the evaluation of the complete application form. An optional attached technical improvement report is not examined by the examining committee but could be used for clarification during the examination of the application form. The IAQ Examination Matrix (down) is used as a guidline for Examination 2.

All nominated projects must be presented by the organization at the conference where the award will be announced. The final result and the handing over of the award(s) will be done at a special award ceremony.


Examination Matrix for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award