IAQ Quality in Planet Earth Concerns Think Tank


Mission of the IAQ QiPECTT

"Bring planet earth concerns to the mainstream of Quality Management and introduce Quality Management into Planet Earth Concerns"

The Think Tank works on the process for meeting human development needs and goals while sustaining the ability of natural systems to continue to provide the resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend. Social and economic sustainability should be in harmony with environmental sustainability, that is, the carrying capacity of natural systems should not be exceeded.

Quality management is meant to enable organizations – both business and non-business (such as healthcare) - to achieve challenging objectives by satisfying customer needs efficiently, with the involvement of everyone. Most business excellence models used globally today are based on the principles of quality management.

In this context, QiPECTT is engaged in the following:

  • Firstly, reviewing and further refining the fundamentals of Quality Management and to relate it to social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainability. This would help make sustainability a more central concern of business management.
  • Secondly, build on the results from the first step to influence today´s business excellence models used globally to capture all three dimensions of sustainability. This would help to redefine the role of business for sustainable development.
  • Thirdly, in line with the mission of the Think Tank, bring to light quality management concepts, systems, methods, and techniques to solutions for sustainable development.

With this three-fold approach above, IAQ, with its global membership of very senior and experienced quality academicians and professionals, is  developing unique capabilities to influence world leaders to support sustainable development.

Members of the IAQ QiPECTT

Willy Vandenbrande (IAQ Academician and QiPECTT Chair)

Sunil Sinha (IAQ Academician and QiPECTT Vice-Chair)

Duan Yonggang (IAQ Academician)

Hesam Aref Kashfi (IAQ Academician)

Huang Qingfeng (IAQ Academician)

John Robert Dew  (IAQ Academician)

Kazuyuki Suzuki (IAQ Academician)    

Lars Sörqvist (IAQ Academician, IAQ President Elect and IAQ Board Member)

Mats Deleryd (IAQ Academician)

Narayanan Ramanathan (IAQ Academician and IAQ Board Member) 

Raúl Molteni (IAQ Academician)

Rick Edgeman (IAQ Academician)