One-page Summary for Publication and Research

Every project applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award should develop a one-page summary explaining the work that has been done and presenting the results achieved. This summary will be used for publication and future research within the area of quality management and sustainability. The purpose is to promote understanding of the link between quality management and sustainable development of planet Earth, inspire companies/organizations to develop a more effective sustainability work, give researchers empiric cases to build new knowledge from and to create possibilities for companies/organizations to learn and benchmark good examples.

The one-page summary is also part of the examination and is the basis for examination 1 where the decision is made regarding which projects are nominated for examination 2. The summary should be easy to read, clearly communicate the work done in the project and designed in such a way that it looks attractive and professional. The layout of the summary is open.

The summary should include information about what sustainability challenges the project focused on, the problem statement, steps taken, how quality management philosophy, methodology and tools have been used, what results and effects have been achieved and how the project has contributed to a sustainable development relating to economic- environmental and/or social sustainability. It should also describe the resources that have been used, human and/or financial. The summary should point out which UN Sustainability Development Goal(s) have been affected. A picture/image often says more than a thousand words, please include a picture or image that properly reflects the project and results.


Important information that should be included in the one-page summary:

1.   Name of the project

2.   Name of the company/organization hosting the project

3.   Essence of the project

4.   Problem statement

5.   Steps taken, methods used, analysis performed, etc.

6.   Resources used

7.   Results achieved

8.   UN Sustainability Development Goal(s) affected

9.   An appropriate picture or image that reflects the project and the results