Roadmap for applicants 2020

Applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award is free of charge. All projects nominated to the final (second) examination and award ceremony will also get one free registration for the presenter of the project at the conference where the award is handed out. Cost for traveling and accommodation is not covered by IAQ.

The roadmap for applicants is the following:

 1. Successfully manage a project improving sustainability

Before applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award the applying organization should successfully have managed an improvement project/activity focusing on delivering results and effects improving sustainability. It could be either new more sustainable offerings or solutions or examples of how to use resources in a better way and reduce waste.


2. Follow up and analyze results

The results and effects of the project should be carefully reviewed over time and analyzed by the project team. It is important to show facts, measures and proof of the results and effects claimed in the application. The quality management philosophies, methodologies and tools used in the project should be linked to the results and effects achieved.


3. Put together the application

Follow the instructions: How to Apply for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award. Fill in the application form and develop a one-page summary. A voluntary technical improvement report can also be written and attached to the application according to the instructions. The language for the application is English.


4. Send the application to IAQ

The application should be sent to IAQ by e-mail ( A confirmation will be received within a few days. The last date for submitting in the application for IAQ Quality Sustainability Award 2020 is November 7, 2020.


5. Receiving results about nomination

After examination 1, of the one-page summary, all applying projects will receive information about the results of this examination. A list of the projects proceeding to examination 2 and to the award ceremony will be published November 20, 2020. For more information about the examination of projects applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award see the Examintion Process


6. Present the project on the Award Ceremony

All projects nominated to the award ceremony will be presented. After presentations are done the winner(s) of the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award is (are) presented at the award ceremony. Due to the Covid-19 situation the 2020 Award Ceremony will be digital. The date for this ceremony is December 15, 2020.


7. Share information and act as an ambassador for quality and sustainability

All projects applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award share information and serve as good examples of an effective and professional sustainability development work. Members of those projects should act as ambassadors for quality and sustainability and aim to promote quality and sustainability in a positive way.