Applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award (QSA)

1. General timeline

Application Period: April 1 to June 30
IAQ/Local Partner Evaluation: End September 15
Announcement of Project Selected for Global Competition: October 15
Presentation Video due at IAQ: November 15
Global Award Evaluation and Ceremony: December 

2. Eligible projects

The purpose of the QSA is to recognize projects and project teams that make a measurable contribution to sustainability through the use of quality methods.

Project criteria:

  • Proven results on at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Proven use of quality management methods leading to the results.
  • Not older than 3 years, so finished after 01-01-2021.
  • The project can be part of an overall organizational effort, but the application must show the results and approach of the individual project.
  • The project must have been performed as a team effort and it should be clear who the team leader and team members are. 

3. Application package

 The application package consists of the following:

  • The filled-in application document (2 – 4 pages)
  • A one page summary
  • A voluntary technical report, if deemed important by the applicant for clarification, visualization. This report should not contain different information than the application. It can clarify (if necessary) through pictures, graphs, etc.  

The one-page summaries will be published on the IAQ award website and, therefore, have to be in English.

The information in the application document is used to evaluate the projects, but will also be used for research purposes. However, this data will not be published with traceability to any individual organization. It is only for research and learning and to continuously develop our award.

The application document and the technical report can be in the local language for the local contest but all finalists have to present an English version of the application document.

4. Application method

IAQ works with local partners. For a list of partners and the areas they cover: see list of partners. If you are located within a partner country or region, please contact them and they will inform you how to apply.

If you are selected for the global final, in addition to the one page summary, the application form must be in English.  Document format is pdf. 

If you are not located in a partner region, you can apply directly to IAQ. Application documents can be requested by mailing to . You will then receive the necessary documents. When they are filled in, please send them to . In this case all documents must be in English and in pdf format.


5. Fees, registration and feedback 

Where IAQ works with partners, the partner will define the fee for applying for the local level award. Applications directly to IAQ will be charged an administrative fee of 50 US $. Once payment has been made, your application will be registered and you will receive a notification of acceptance of the application.


6. What happens next? 

After acceptance of your application the evaluation and examination process starts. This is explained in the award roadmap (see further down).  

If your project is considered eligible for the Global QSA award, you can decide to participate in the global final. This will require the following: 

  • An English version of the application document and the one page summary.
  • A 10-minute video presenting your project with the acceptance to have this video posted on the IAQ YouTube page after the final event.
  • A high-resolution picture of the project team. Team pictures can be published in IAQ communications.
  • By confirming the project's participation in the final global event, You agree that the IAQ can use all the materials gathered before and at the event (video recordings, Images, etc.) on the Academy's website and affiliated social media for educational, knowledge-sharing and promotional purposes.
  • An additional fee of 400 US $ will be invoiced by IAQ after your agreement to participate in the global competition.

Applying for the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award (QSA)

Quality Sustainability Award - Application form_template_2024.pdf
QSA One-page summary_template - 2024.pdf
Roadmap 2024.pdf