Duan Yonggang

Dr. Duan Yonggang, Vice President & Secretary General of China Association for Quality (CAQ), holds a Doctor’s degree in Sociology and Master’s degree in Journalism. He is International Academy for Quality (IAQ) companion and Chairman of World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ).

Dr. Duan joined CAQ in 2002 by founding Quality magazine and served as chief editor and president of the magazine until 2015. After taking over the position of Secretary General of CAQ in 2015, he has contributed to quality development in China through facilitating a series of projects. He initiated the establishment CAQ Group Standards, among which 17 Group Standards were issued publicly, thus facilitating the standardization of nation-wide quality management. He coordinated 5 surveys on the current quality situation of Chinese manufacturers from 2013 to 2019. Besides, he plays an important role in serveing as the director of many professional committees including Six Sigma Promotion Committee, TRIZ Promotion Committee and Lean Management Promotion Committee of CAQ, etc.

Dr. Duan has participated in the writing and publication of 21 works, including The Blue Book on the Quality Management of China's Manufacturing Enterprises, Total Quality Management (4th edition), Group Standard Implementation Guideline for Enterprise Field Management, Group Standard Criteria for Quality Control Circle Activity, Criteria for Customer Relationship Management, Handbook of Certified Quality Manager (2nd edition), Total Brand Management and etc.