Announcing the 2024
IAQ Quality Sustainability Award

IAQ is proud to announce the launch of the fifth Quality Sustainability Award. In previous years over 200 projects have been applying for this prestigious award, that wants to promote the use of quality management to improve the sustainability of organizations. Many excellent projects have competed and you can find a lot of examples on this website.

We want to thank our local partners in China (CAQ), India (ISQ),  Israel (IIQIE) and Peru (PUCP) for their continued support and are welcoming the Philippine Society for Quality (PSQ) as our latest partner. This is another step in our expansion so we hope to see even more projects from various regions of the planet.

The award process has been consolidated so nothing much has changed and we have kept the administration to a minimum, making sure all organizations can participate, regardless of size or activity. So don’t hesitate to share your project with the world and show good examples to inspire others to commit to sustainability.

Information on how to apply can be found here.

A list of partners can be found here.