Anders Fundin

Anders Fundin is Director of Research at SIQ - the Swedish Institute for Quality, and full professor in Quality Technology and Management at Mälardalen University. Anders has a PhD in Quality Technology and Management from Chalmers University of Technology and a M.Sc. in Engineering from Linköping University. With more than 20 years of international managerial strategic and operational experience from the automotive industry, his research interest has evolved in areas such as Quality Technology and Management, Business Excellence, Operations Management, and management models that supports a sustainable development in organizations. He is an elected Associate Academician in IAQ – International Academy for Quality, an international non-profit independent organization represented by 45 countries to promote quality management globally.

Anders has published approx. 70 scientific articles on Quality Management and last years his research has given more attention to the ongoing challenge on how to achieve sustainability in organizations and society.

He has been opponent or part of the examination committee in about 25 PhD defences and Licentiate seminars whereof the majority has different sustainability perspectives on how organisations could achieve sustainability in operations. Anders has supervised five PhD candidates to a PhD degree, and he is currently a supervisor of a PhD candidate that conduct research on how to measure sustainability using economic, social, and ecological sustainability as three critical parameters.

 As a Director of Research at SIQ – the Swedish Institute for Quality he is the coordinator of the Swedish Quality Management Academy with eight universities that has an interest on how to achieve sustainable success in organizations. He is also the Director of, and international representative for, the research based Swedish Business Excellence model – the SIQ Management model – a Business Excellence model that supports a sustainable development in organizations balancing economic, social, and ecological sustainability.