Patricia C. La Londe

Pat La Londe is recently retired executive in Supply Chain Management with expertise leading teams in all aspects of supply chain including supplier quality, procurement, global sourcing, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and integrations across diverse businesses.

 Pat is a Fellow member of ASQ, past Chair of the ASQ Board of Directors, recipient of ASQ’s Distinguished Service Medal, a 5-year core council member of APQO, and in 2021 nominated as an Academician with International Academy for Quality (IAQ). She maintains professional certifications; Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) Quality Engineering (CQE), Quality Auditing (CQA), CQIA, and CQT from ASQ.

Pat’s quality journey started in the game industry with Milton Bradley. Spending much of her career at Milton Bradly working floating to the departments that had the most defects, to understand the processes, materials and employees, uncover the root cause and determine how to eliminate the defects – using quality circles at the time to engage the employees and help them realize impacts to customers and the business before moving to the next department.  

Moving to the computer industry at Wang Laboratories she worked at a new factory to help improve quality and work to eliminate “paper” in the factory – experiment was to have the first paperless factory by utilizing computers and programs.

 The remainder and most of Pat’s career was in the medical device industry, working in many departments always focused on improving quality; Supplier quality, Continuous Improvement with lean manufacturing, six sigma risk management, Customer Satisfaction, Information Technologies for quality management and operations management, culture of quality and into leading supply chain management.

 She has developed and presented over 50 Speaches in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific Rim and Central America on topics ranging across the field of quality including supplier relationships, risk management, auditing, culture of quality, changing competencies of the quality professional, Rising Economic Power of Quality, and more. She also has 20 + publications with the latest - collaborator with ASQ on “Advancing a Quality Management System for US Elections” published in April 2021.